VOIP Phone Service

VOIP Phone:

We integrated our VOIP phone system into an all female Law Firm. This firm consisted of two women Attorneys with small children, a paralegal and several part time assistants.  Their office is located in Suffolk county where they can meet with clients and where their paralegal and support staff work.  Both women do a majority of work from their home. Our IP/PBX system is located in the office with IP phones located in their homes. We also provide cloud services to them for billing and hosting their legal documents. With the cloud they can use smart phones, Mac’s or Windows based equipment to access their Documents E-mail and Calendars.  Each attorney can access files and folders via our cloud.  Calls that come into their office can be directed to their extensions in the office or at their home or smart phone. If a call comes in and they need to transfer it to an assistant or to another attorney it is a simple matter of transferring the call. All their voice messages are stored on the IP/PBX and is also transmitted to each individual via by e-mail. During one visit the paralegal remarked that some times she forgets that the attorneys are not on site, having this setup is like having someone in the office next to you.