Extreme Wi-Fi

We provide superior Wi-Fi service for Hotel, Resorts, Restaurants, Marina Healthcare Facilities and many other types of business.

One of our projects included a complete Wi-Fi system for a Resort/Condo and Marina complex. The facility is made up of several buildings which includes a marina,  spread across a number of acres located in the Hampton’s on Long Island. We deployed over 30 wired AC class access points, and mesh integrated access points, controlled through one Router with redundancy from multiple ISP connections. During the season there are over 700 Wi-Fi devices connected to our systems during the height of the season.  Installation took over two months with three technicians running Cat6 wire, mounting, connecting and configuring each device to act as one inclusive Wi-Fi Service.  As a premier provider of Wi-Fi services we developed a proprietary system for monitoring all of our installations. This system allows us to monitor all of the devices at any given client. This products monitors the number of uses the bandwidth and any outages. Each day a file is sent back to our server to compare usage from day to day.  During the installation we identify each device, the ports on the switches and controllers associated to the device and their location. We monitor our projects and installation 24 hours a day. With our proprietary software  we can identify problems before it becomes critical or a problem for our clients. Along with monitoring our products we also update each device with the latest firmware and software to help deliver a superior product.