This was an established Co-op Resort located in Montauk Long Island. It consisted of 6 Buildings with approximately 150 individual unites. The project was to replace RG59 Coax with RG6. Based on our recommendation the management agreed to upgrade the replacement cable with out “composite cable” this is RG6 cable along with Cat6 with Mohawk technology in one jacket. Our Composite cables support many technologies for data, CATV, Satellite, Audio, and high definition signals. Composite cable bundled configurations include: overall PVC jacket, Siamese (bonded side by side), or Triamese (bonded side by side). There were several obstetrical presented on this project. This project began the first week on January and had to be completed before the start of the new summer season. The first major obstetrical was traveling to this location, which took two (2) hours one way. For that reason our team stayed on site for weeks at a time. The next obstetrical the lack of electric, heat or running water in any of the buildings except for the main building. Another obstetrical was the weather, temperatures are usually in the teens during this time of the year , however, during this period temperatures hit twenty (20) below zero. Each of the buildings were originally designed to be single story buildings. years later a second story was added. Each drop had to be snaked in a crawl space in-between floors. Because each unit was a finished unit all wire runs had to be snaked in to existing outlets. This job consumed over 17,000 ft of composite cable and took three months to complete. We completed this project ahead of schedule and were awarded several other projects from the management company.

Composite Cable