Quadra Technology  has evolved into a Technology Management Company providing support and integration to over 150 organizations. Technology is in every aspect of business and our personal lives. Today we can do things with our smart phone or Tablet that only large scale computers could do a few years ago. Our approach to support is geared towards the integration of all aspects of technology. This includes Computers, dedicated IP/PBX Phone Systems, Smart Phones and Tablets, and Office Automation that links Security and Environmental controls with all your other Technical Devices. The demand for technology and its integration into every aspect of our lives has revolutionized the type of service we provide. Our Wi-Fi solutions make us the leader in providing “Ridiculously Fast Wi-Fi Service”.  Our Structured wiring is designed to provide reliability and speed, not only to meet current demands, but the demands of the future.  We have developed proprietary techniques and equipment to support our products.  We profile the infrastructure of each client to better understand their needs. With this, we are able to provide the right technology and support that matches the goals of our clients and assist them in growing their business.

 From Concept to Implementation, we can Support all your technology needs:

  • Structure wiring
  • Wi-Fi services for your business and as a product for your customers.
  • VoIP phone installations and service.
  • Security Camera Systems, Door Access Systems.
  • Data Systems and Software for your Business.
  • Home and Office Automation and Environmental Controls.
  • Media and Video Signage
  • Total Integration and Support service for all your technological devices.

Our team of highly qualified Technicians provide

One Seamless Support Solution

for all your technology for your business or home with just

One phone call!