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Benefits of VoIP Systems:                       Advanced Features: Features of large scale PBX systems.

Cost Savings: Running new phone lines is an expensive process and can be avoided. Your business already has an Internet connection and you can use that connection to power your phone systems. If you’re expanding or moving into a new building, you don’t need to hire a company and run phone lines throughout your building.

Remote Locations: Having a VoIP system at your business allows you too set up extensions remotely at other locations or your home. This gives your employees and yourself the ability to work from home or any other location with their extension at home.

No Phone Bills: Your phone system will now be using your internet connection. At most clients we can use their existing network to set the phone system up. This will save you money on a monthly bases.

SIP Service: With SIP Service from your internet provider you can easily add and drop lines with ease. In times of high business you can simply call your internet provider and add another line. In times when business slows down you can drop lines without paying a tremendous fee.

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